Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm not alright, Jack and neither are you.

Sally drops out of high school straight onto her back, four kids later and the taxpayer picks up the slack.

I am not ok. I spent over two hours having to teach my ten year old verkleinwoorde because she a) hadn't been taught what the words meant and b) hadn't had the principles governing the use of suffixes explained to her. So my husband mildly suggests that we hire and pay for a private Afrikaans tutor. 

And that's when the fight started. Not with him. With this fucked up taxation system, where I pay income tax for basic services and then end up having to purchase the services privately because the state uses my tax rands inefficiently to support a corrupt state.

We pay taxes, so that the state will provide a safe and viable environment for its citizens, in other words, the money should be used to support the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. We should have access all those features of modern society which ensure we don't die in a pool of dysenteric stools. 

We pay for the following with our taxes:

Police and Judiciary: We end up also paying for insurance and private home security, because the last time the police were called out, they had no vehicle, so couldn't attend (R1500 and R300 respectively)

Healthcare: Not acceptable, unless you want to pick up a communicable disease during your appendectomy (Private medical aid R5000.00 for a family of three). 

Education: The state will pay for one teacher per 44 pupils, and if s/he goes on strike you're fucked (R860 for semi-private primary school plus R400 for extra lessons)

TV licenses:
Well, when last did you try and watch SABC? (R200-R600 for satellite TV)

Pension: If you don't want to try and subsist on R1200 per month when you reach retirement age, you'll need to make pension provision of at least R2000.00 per month.

So, on top of all that income tax, there's a great whackingR10660 for DIY provision of services the state is cocking up. Now, what about those who can't afford to pay to protect their families, educate them and keep them healthy?

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